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What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining is a system that enables sections of damaged pipe to be repaired without physically replacing them. A pipe reline can replace cracked and broken pipes and tree root infested drains that cause blockages without digging.

How does Pipe Relining Work?

A liner, that has been impregnated with resin is inserted and positioned inside the damaged section of pipe. With the use of compressed air the liner is 

forced to conform to the inside diameter of the pipe until the resin is cured. Once the resin has set, the inflation device is removed and a new section of pipe is left adhering to the existing pipe.

pipe relining example

  • Step 1: Unblock the pipe
    Using various drain unblocking techniques like high pressure water jet blasting the blockage is removed from the damaged pipe.
  • Step 2: Inspect the pipe
    Using latest technology of drain camera the pipe is inspected and damaged section of the pipe is marked.
  • Step 3: New Insert
    The pipe liner is then carefully inserted into the damaged section of the old pipe.
  • Step 4: Completion
    Between 2-4 hours later, the completed relining patch cures and forms a new pipe within the old damaged pipe.

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Before and after pipe relining illustration
Before and After Pipe Relining
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